How to maintain motivation on your diet

To maintain your motivation during a long term diet plan is difficult to keep it constant for most especially when you do not get immediate results or if everyone around you is having all amazing high calorie food. It is quite a challenge to keep up with this motivation for 6 months or one year.

Often when motivation is down, people quite by telling themselves that it is anyways not going to work. What most people fail to understand is that motivation never stays constant, there is always an up and down with it. However, it is you who should understand that when it is down, it is a warning that your body is tired. Give yourself some rest for 1 or 2 days and then get back to it again. When you do feel high on your motivation, try to make the best out of it.

To maintain your motivation high most of the time, follow the tips given below as shared by ACJN

  • Set a realistic target which can be maintained. Most people set an unrealistic plan and when it does not work out, they simply quite. It rather a smart decision to start off with an attainable goal towards which you can work. Setting an unrealistic target is like setting up a failed schedule.
  • Start a diet plan with a friend or anyone from family. It is better to start with someone with who you hang out most of the time. Both can be accountable to each other at the end of the week. This helps in preventing all the temptations.
  • Set a target goal at the end of 6 month and compete with your diet partner. It helps in motivating a lot of people without even realizing. Whoever reaches the target goal gets a treat from the one who couldn’t.
  • Keep a journal in which you jot down whatever you eat in the entire day. This helps to keep in track of what you have eaten and how much you should avoid.
  • It is better to keep a dietician. This helps in motivating many people. They mostly stick to their diet because they do not want to end up wasting their money by hiring a dietician and not losing weight.
  • Many people stop their diet because they are tired of having the same kind of vegetables and fruits every day. That is why it is better to always try out new healthy recipe from the internet. This keeps your diet interesting and not boring.
  • Most of the smart phones nowadays can track down the calories. Use this software to help you keep a track of your calorie. Maintain a book in order to write down your calories burnt every day.
  • Set a short term target of specific every day goals. This can be maintained by adding a new vegetable or fruit every day to see which food helps in losing weight. Try to experiment with yourself.

Though most people find it difficult to maintain their motivation, it should not affect you as a single person to lose motivation. You should be well determined to lose weight regardless of what or how you’re surrounding is. You should remain active with your diet