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What is a PIT loan and a PIT loan? | How to take a PIT loan?

On the one hand, banks are trusted and reliable financial institutions, and on the other, the way they operate is a cause of criticism on the part of many people. There is no denying that making any commitment involves a huge amount of formalities. It is necessary to provide all sorts of certificates, statements and statements that are designed to allow the bank to assess the creditworthiness of the potential borrower.

This not only leads to the rejection of many applications of people whose creditworthiness has proved too low, but extends the waiting time for everyone, even those who will ultimately be eligible for a loan. Banks are aware of this problem and are still trying to at least partially reduce the number of formalities associated with taking loans.

Taking out a PIT loan – what is it about?

Taking out a PIT loan - what is it about?

A PIT loan is a type of loan that does not differ much from a traditional cash loan. You can also come across consolidation loans at PIT. What is most important in them is the maximum shortening and streamlining of the loan application procedure. Instead of organizing income declarations or not being in arrears with ZUS, you only need to take our tax declaration to the bank for the previous year. Due to the fact that data from a tax declaration may become outdated relatively quickly, a PIT loan is usually a limited time offer. You can apply for it usually until the end of June or the beginning of May.

Not every bank offers it, and the rules for granting it can vary widely in different branches. Sometimes loans for PIT can be granted on worse terms – it will only be possible to take a loan for a smaller amount or a shorter loan period than in the case of a traditional loan. In theory, the only thing we should need to receive a loan is our PIT and ID card, but it may turn out that we will still be asked for additional documents. In addition, simplifying the formalities does not mean that our credit history will not be checked at the Credit Information Bureau. Of course, it will be verified anyway, however, often it is not necessary to wait long for a PIT loan decision – sometimes the waiting period can be as little as one day.

Can I take a PIT loan?


A PIT loan with the help of advisers. Repayment of loans is possible. A lot of loan companies offer loans without any formalities, all you need is an income statement. However, for larger amounts, it may also be necessary to provide some type of documentation – that’s when PIT may be useful. For maximum convenience, many non-bank institutions launch such a service as a PIT loan via the Internet.

So we do not even have to leave the house, and in a few minutes we will be able to fill out all the necessary forms and enjoy the money perhaps even on the same day. What is very important, loan companies offer PIT loans without BIK – so it is a solution especially for people who, due to a bad credit history, cannot count on getting a loan from a bank.

Is it worth taking loans and credits at PIT?

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More and more often now it turns out that a PIT loan is only a marketing ploy, and in fact it is neither profitable nor reduces the number of formalities. However, it cannot be denied that PIT loans without BIK are a convenient option for people who need a large amount of cash, but negative entries in their credit history prevent them from taking a loan from the bank. Also for many, an online PIT loan can be attractive because it is extremely fast and convenient. However, before we make any decision, it is worth calculating whether such a PIT credit or loan really pays off.

During the period of completing tax returns , PIT loans without BIK will certainly be seen more than once in the marketing materials of banks. Certainly, it is an interesting solution for those who are very keen to borrow a large sum and cannot boast of a good credit history. On the other hand, a PIT bank loan can potentially save a lot of nerves associated with obtaining the usually required certificates.

Borrowing money with a secure payday loan company

It would be naive to think that all loan providers have nothing to hide. In such a large market, there will always be someone trying to make easy money on consumers. Unfortunately, that is a fact. Unfortunately, it is also a fact that there are loads of people taking the first and best best payday loan they encounter online.

But unfortunately they are often a stupid choice

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While the offer may sound good, there may be hidden fees that you notice when sitting in the axle. In this context, we recommend that you always pay close attention to the payday loan APR when surfing. APR says the annual percentage rate and the numbers you see include all the formation fees, interest rates and the rest of the expenses you may face in connection with a payday loan.

It can be difficult to sell company shares due to personal responsibility. A retiring participant will continue to be liable for the company’s older debts, except if the creditors agree that any new entrant will assume responsibility for this debt. Profits are taxed at the participants along with other income. This may mean that the income from the company is taxed up to 52.2 per cent from the first krone of participants with income from other sources. 

Number that tells you about the payday loan really as cheap as it looks

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On this site we already have a lot of providers that can give you the opportunity to borrow money with good conditions. This means that when you apply here, then it is not just a payday loan provider. If you apply for a payday loan with Realfinans, for example, you are guaranteed a reasonable payday loan from one of our pre-approved approved loan providers.

All you have to do is fill out the application form at Realfinans and you will receive a quick reply! Finding the right payday loan is a loan for a narrow cause, and will probably solve many financial hardships.


Why does the cost of my vehicle insurance vary?

In Lima, car thefts range from 18 to 20 cars per day, according to data provided by the Vehicle Theft Division (DIROVE). Given this reality, vehicle insurance is intended to protect our investment, that is, our car.

But to acquire one that really fits your needs, it is necessary to know what the price of the same is composed of, since even in the case of the same insurer, not all insurance costs the same . This is because the price of insurance is calculated using different variables, such as the level of coverage and the brand, model and price of the car.

In terms of coverage

In terms of coverage

Your insurance may be civil liability (only covers damages to third parties in the event of an accident), total loss (in addition to civil liability, replenishes the vehicle in case of its total destruction) and all risks (includes the previous two but also the repair of the vehicle in case of different accidents).

The brand, model and price of the car also matter because the vehicles are rated low, medium and high risk. To assign this rating, insurers analyze different variables, one of them is the number of claims (thefts) in which the models have been involved.

After considering everything

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We will see that, for example, the insurance of a Hyundai i10 would cost less than that of a Nissan Sentra, because it is considered the first one with the lowest risk. In addition, it is important to note that for some specific brands and models, insurers request that GPS be installed to access total loss coverage.

Another fact to consider is the deductible, which refers to the amount that the user must assume when an incident occurs. If the deductible is 15%, it means that if the car repair cost $ 600, the user must cover $ 90.

You can compare the prices of vehicle insurance available in the market for different brands and models of cars using the Sara Monday vehicle insurance comparator and also, request many of them from the same page and without any other hassle.

It is always advisable not to get carried away at first sight for the lowest price but to be well informed of everything that your insurance will cover and what you will have to pay in each case. Many times cheap is expensive, let’s keep that in mind.


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