No surprises with the prepaid MasterCard

Just about everyone knows the benefits of a credit card. Handy on vacation and in the store. And also online. Although there are different types of credit cards, the majority of the population appears to use a credit card primarily as a payment card. And although there are many credit card providers, an application is usually accompanied by proof of income and a credit check. Not so with a prepaid payment card.

The prepaid credit card gives you the same ease of payment as a traditional credit card, only you have more control over your spending. And that can be useful in many cases. You know exactly how much you can spend and you will take that amount into account. You know the maximum spending limit, so you know exactly where the limits are. You cannot spend money that you do not have.



Almost all banks and other financial service providers offer a prepaid credit card. So why not contact a few banks to hear their offer. You can often find initial information via the internet and possibly even request a prepaid credit card. Look carefully at the costs that the bank will charge, you can notice quite a difference on this, so it can be interesting to choose the prepaid credit card with the lowest costs.



A credit card therefore offers advantages, but it can also happen that money is suddenly debited from your credit card without your having been instructed to do so. Credit card fraud simply happens. That is of course annoying. It is therefore important to take a good look at your statements and to ensure that all amounts are correct. You do not want to have to pay a high bill at the end of the month, which is partly yours. Canceling a payment is now very easy. So if you notice that something has been wrongly deducted from your credit card, you can simply reclaim the amount.

Sometimes you want to cancel a payment with your payment card. For example, because a company has withdrawn money from your account for a purchase that you have not made or because a company has not delivered the goods or services that you have ordered. You can first try to arrange something with the selling party. In most cases, however, it is an automatic payment that was wrongly made, a mistake in the system. The amount will be refunded to your account within a few days.

Sometimes, however, it may happen that you cannot find a solution with the selling party. You can then call your own bank or financial service provider. You will be asked to fill in a form with your details. Your personal and credit card details are sufficient to send the form. If the bank finds that the amount has indeed been deducted from your account in error, you will simply get the amount debited back. So you don’t have to arrange much yourself.

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