Visa Credit Card to Pay in Bitcoin

Coinbase , one of the most widely used cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has launched a Visa card in the UK that allows its Bitcoins (BTC) to be used in everyday purchases. This news, in addition to the pleasure of the writer to feel Great Britain again as an actress, protagonist of news concerning the world economic / financial world that are not related to Brexit, is of strategic importance for Bitcoin (BTC). In fact, one of the main criticisms that is still being made today by the Bitcoins (BTC) and the univero of cryptocurrencies in general, is the poor circulation in the universe of real payments. Payments for the purchase of goods and services both online and offline (in classic stores) have never seen a strong adoption of Bitcoin (BTC).

Coinbase , a leading brand in terms of cryptocurrency exchanges in general and Bitcoin (BTC) in particular, has chosen as the partner of this new adventure the world leader in credit cards: Visa. To understand the commercial power of Visa, just look at some figures: in 2011 Visa is the world leader in the credit card market thanks to 50.1% of the total transaction value, ahead of Mastercard with 33.5%. In debit cards, the percentages are even more in favor with 76.9% of the market, ahead of Mastercard with 18.9%. Two giants of their respective sectors who join forces to push the use of Bitcoins (BTC)!


A winning alchemy for Bitcoin (BTC)


The Coinbase Card , which for now only works in the United Kingdom but will land across Europe before the end of 2019, relies on the portfolios of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC) and ZCash (ZEC) kept by the exchange. At the time of the transaction, the necessary amount of cryptocurrency is converted into euros, dollars or pounds at the current exchange rate. The card is also contactless, has a chip and a pin and can be used to withdraw cash from the usual ATM machines. Every payment will be made through two passes and the card can be immediately blocked and replaced if it is lost or stolen.

This time the alchemy can be of the explosive ones because they will join the main cryptocurrency wallet basin (Coinbase) with the vast universe of users and dealers of Visa, the most accepted credit card circuit in the world. In this marriage the Bitcoins (BTC) will inherit from Visa all the know-how accumulated over the years as regards the verification of fraud and the guarantee of security for users and from Coinbase the whole digital experience starting from a simple, easy and quick to use for the complete mobile management of your cryptocurrency portfolio.


Bitcoin card costs (BTC)

Bitcoin card costs (BTC)

If it is true that the diffusion, security and ease of use will not be a problem then the node for the diffusion of this Bitcoin card (BTC) could be represented by the commissions. Recall that the blockchain technology, the electronic register on which the existence of Bitcoins (BTC) and of all cryptocurrencies is based, works on the assumption that every movement passes through the validation of miners, or miners, who for this receive a reward. This reward is paid based on the “weight”, that is, the kilo bytes required for the transaction. Since the validation times may not be immediate, and last from a few minutes to a few hours, it is very likely that Visa will still provide immediate approval, artificially speeding up the transaction and taking responsibility if something goes wrong.

Are we really facing the step that will allow Bitcoin (BTC) to become a widespread means of payment? Imagine the potential of this currency in countries where the local currency is not stable or where people do not necessarily have a current account. Will the “good” salons of the financial and economic world allow an easy life for Bitcoin (BTC)?


And now Bitcoin (BTC)?

And now Bitcoin (BTC)?

We are experiencing a golden period of Bitcoin (BTC) that continues for weeks to go back up to $ 10,000 worth of values. At the time of writing the Bitcoin (BTC) is worth 6,798 dollars with a total capitalization of 120 billion dollars. The 7-day percentage change continues for weeks to be in double digits and is currently worth 17.86%. Bitcoin (BTC) is increasingly a great investment opportunity, choose your right partners to invest in cryptocurrencies like Markets , one of the best brokers in the world and also recommended by us at Mr B.


Investing in Bitcoin (BTC) on Markets

Investing in Bitcoin (BTC) on Markets

Find out how simple, fast and safe investing in Bitcoin (BTC) on Markets , the broker recommended by Mr B.

  • Simple as you will be able to operate with an incredible user experience platform that is suitable for all online investor profiles regardless of online trading experience;
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Markets stands out for:

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  • two thousand tradable assets including the main cryptocurrencies;
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  • Advanced trading tools;
  • Financial leverage available up to 300: 1.

As usual, we at Mr B would like to remind our readers that financial leverage is a double-edged sword: if you decide to invest in Bitcoin (BTC) , it will allow you to increase your earnings but, in parallel, you will risk losing the invested capital. Invest with the utmost care!

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