Different Types of Gaskets

It can be difficult to ask people about your questions on gaskets since it can be a bit technical especially when you start discussing about the different types of gasket material available in the market. The best way to know about which gasket type you need is to simply go to a reliable manufacturer or supplier and get a one-on-one about the gasket materials or gasket types they have for sale.

In order to help you have an overview about gaskets, we have compiled the different types that are most common and hope that it can serve as a quick guide for the next time you might have some questions about this subject.


What’s a Gasket?

big_irrig_gaskets_1Gaskets are also known as “joints” or “seals”. They can be grouped in a lot of different ways. For example, you can have gaskets based on the type of material, the application, and the function of the particular piece. A gasket is basically a small part that is cut from a usually flexible material, which sits in between two other surfaces. When you buy gaskets, you will observe that they are made from typically soft materials such as rubber. If you look at your plumbing systems, you will see that a gasket is that small ring or sealer that is used to seal pipes to prevent them from leaking. Gaskets also have other common applications in construction and industries such as mounting and anti vibration.


Common Types of Gaskets:

Gaskets will basically have the same properties as the materials they were made from and are usually made to resist chemicals such as acids and they are also able to withstand temperatures and pressures. This qualities make them really ideal for construction uses and home repair/maintenance.

  • Rubber Gaskets – Rubber gasket is a soft material that is usually used for piping, sealing doors, cabinets and other small gaps. When making rubber gaskets, there can be a wide range of materials that can be used like nitrile, EPDM, neoprene, and natural rubber and a bunch of other types of elastomers. This type of gasket is really one of the most popular or common one and most construction supply shops or home DIY stores will have a good supply of this type of gasket.
  • Non-asbestos Gaskets – Non-asbestos gaskets are made from a compressed fibre with an elastomer binding. They are important for applications involving a lot of moisture and grease and other chemicals. For example, most construction and home/property remodeling companies use non-asbestos gaskets for areas where there’s acid, steam, water, and oil.
  •  Cork Gaskets – Cork gaskets are made from natural cork combined with elastomer bindings. This type of material is able to give a very high flexibility and compression for cork gaskets. Because of their inherent quality to be very flexible, a cork gasket are highly used in applications where oil, gas, or solvents need to be sealed or controlled or contained.


These are some of the most common types of gaskets so that you can have an idea of the type you need for your specific application.

Finding the Best Sports Clinic in Dubai

If you are suffering from a sports-related injury, an injury caused by an accident, or chronic pain due to work-related activities, you may need to go to a sports clinic in Dubai to get the physical therapy you that will help you recover from your condition or rehabilitate your injury. There are many sports clinics in Dubai, but the real tough question is how can you find the best one for your condition? Continue reading below to find out.

sports-therapy-clinic-2Variety of Services

When looking for a sports clinic in Dubai, the very first thing you should check is the variety of services it offers. That’s because when going through your physical therapy, there might be times when you need a special equipment, trainer, or program to complement your own program.

Choosing a sports clinic that has a variety of services also means that their specializations are many, they have the right equipment for different exercises and therapies, and you can also rely on their staff and doctors to be there when you need them. Some smaller clinics might be understaffed and may lack the equipment you need that may also be a cause to the delay of your progress in your therapy.


Experienced Doctors and Therapists

Going through a physical therapy session may not just be a one-time thing. Usually, you need to do it for several sessions or until there is significant progress in your condition. Diversified Integrated Sports Clinic, a clinic that has served many patients and helped many recover from their injuries, suggest that you should check the list of doctors and staff of the clinic you are thinking of getting. Nowadays, it is so easy to check or do a background check on a person especially if they are professionals offering services. You can check the clinic’s webpage, social media account, or any other forum where they might have been mentioned. From there you can read about their doctors, the staff, and overall service of the clinic.

If there are not a lot of write-ups about your prospective clinic, then it’s best to call them up or have a surprise visit to just see if you can talk to one of their resident physicians or see how their therapists conduct a rehabilitation or treatment session. When you visit the clinic you will also get a better idea of how they run things and help you decide if you are happy with getting their therapy services.


Competitive Prices

Sports clinics may of course charge different rates or fees for their different services and depending on your condition, you might have a higher bill or lower bill. Regardless of what your condition might be, you can determine if the clinic is charging competitive prices by simply asking them about the rates of the services and comparing that to several other clinics you check out. Basically you can immediately see the one that has a higher charge and if those fees are still within the competitive pricing of other clinics.