Advantages of Montessori Education

With all the numerous research and tests done on trying to find out how children learn, we all know by now that young kids learn differently and it’s natural to have also many different types of approaches when it comes to education. One of the more popular approaches when educating children is the Montessori education.

montessori-banner_compressedWhat is Montessori Education?

In the Montessori education, it is believed that children are able to learn better and faster if they are allowed to choose what to learn and they are exposed to different activities that will not only enrich their own thinking but also make them interact with other students. That’s why in a regular Montessori class, you will often see teachers mingling and playing with the kids instead of standing in front of the classroom giving a lecture about a certain subject.

Now with this different type of school environment, it is fair to say that some teachers like the concept or approach of Montessori education while some don’t. There are also parents who think their children thrive in such an unconventional learning environment while some parents would prefer the typical classroom style of teaching. Let’s find out the benefits of the Montessori method below:


Children are able to be independent

One of the benefits of getting into a Montessori school is that children learn to be independent. As you can imagine with the many Montessori schools in Dubai, the approach will be similar. Teachers will not impose opinions nor dictate how children should think. The approach is that they allow the students to interact and ask their opinion about the subject or activity. Through mutual respect and by listening to the opinions of the students, the teachers are able to instill in them the value of independent thinking.


Multiage classrooms help develop a child’s personality and character

In the Montessori education mentioned above, the classrooms are not strictly divided according to age group. You can actually enroll your child in one of the many Montessori schools in Dubai and not worry about whether he or she is in the right age for the class.

During the activities, the children are allowed to choose what they want to learn according to their interest and the activities also helps students explore what they want to do. So there is no pressure on how they should learn, what they should know by now, and what they are expected to do. That’s why age is not so important as the child’s interest to learn and interact with other kids and teachers.


Children learn at their own pace

As mentioned earlier, Montessori education is all about letting the students choose what they want to learn and explore their environment. This just goes to prove that children are also allowed to learn at their own pace and pursue activities or things that sustain their interest. The idea is if the child really has an interest in one subject or activity, the teacher would not need to force him or her anymore to study. Learning will become easier because it comes naturally.

Different Types of Corporate Video Presentations

There is no doubt that if you use video in your business presentations, you can have a better impact on your customers. There are many ways you can use the power of video. First you can have a video made for your product launch in order to add more appeal to your product when your customers see it for the first time. Second, you can also use video as a tool to educate your customers or potential business partners about the advantages of using your product or services and why they should patronize your company. Third, you can promote your brand and create more brand awareness just by having short corporate video presentations during trade shows, meetings, or even on your company website or social media accounts.

aspire-creative-corporate-videos-3Now that you have an idea of how video can help your business or company when it comes to marketing and promotions and of course sales, here are the different types of corporate video presentations you can create together with a professional video production company:


Online Video Presentations

Most customers nowadays are online and that means looking at not just professional websites but also surfing and watching videos on Youtube, Facebook and other media sharing platforms. So why not take advantage of that network and create your own Youtube channel for your business. When you do this, you will need some great online video presentations to upload on your channel and for your customers to actually start feeling your presence. It is not enough just to open a channel, you actually have to upload relevant online video presentations to make sure your customers are engaged and they talk about your company and share your information on their own social network accounts.


Demonstration Videos

Instead of relying on your sales people to do all the talking, why not create a demonstration video where you can add more visuals and text support to really drive your point when trying to sell your product or service to your clients? When you have a demonstration video, your customers can replay certain important parts that they would like to understand in your product or service without having to need a salesman to repeat the same information.


As a professional company, it’s also good to have a demonstration video especially if your product or service is quite complicated to understand. Through video, you can make it appear more interesting and actually present concise information that may trigger your customers to become curious about your services or products. This will then lead them to check your website, follow you on your social media accounts, and finally recommend your products and services to other people through their own social media channels as well.


There are many other types of videos you can make for your company but what’s important is that you get a professional video production house for your project. That’s because they can create a video that does not only look professional but also has that creative edge that will attract your customers and keep their attentions while watching the video.