Credit redemption simulation (Our guide and online tutorial).


Banking solution to households

Banking solution to households

Beckas is an intermediary in banking operations that implements the purchase of credits. This banking solution is proposed to households whose resources are not sufficient to cover basic needs and whose remaining life does not allow to repay its loans. Also, can it be to meet a need for cash to anticipate retirement, travel, prepare a wedding. The grouping of credits consists in constituting only one monthly payment (of a strongly reduced amount) with all the monthly payments to the household. However, the duration of the credit is lengthened to offset the decrease in the amount of the new monthly payment. On the Beckas website, you can estimate for free your new monthly payment using the online simulator. Unlike some other online credit redemption simulators, the Beckas simulator directly displays an estimate of the new monthly payment.

Here is how the simulator looks:

Here is how the simulator looks:

For example, here is the table once completed. Indicate your own needs by directly entering the desired amount in the dedicated fields or use the gray slider and move it to the right. Click on ” Validate” to immediately see an estimate of your new monthly payment below the information you have saved. See ” Your simulation result “. The result is displayed on a red background. In our example, the new monthly payment is 158 $.

If we refer to the result of this simulation, we see that the repayment period is very long (300 months) and the cost is not negligible since we go from 33800 USD to repay 47366 USD. However, the new monthly payment is very attractive (158 USD only to repay). The credit rate is also renegotiated during this transaction. The gain in purchasing power, in the short term, is undeniable. The goal is for the borrower to return to a balanced budget and to consider new projects.

If you are satisfied with the Beckas proposal, you can send your request by indicating your e-mail address and clicking on ” I confirm my application online – Free & no obligation “.

Following the online simulation, a refined study of your file by a Beckas expert is necessary. This expertise is also free. You do not need to switch banks if you are grouping credits with this institution.


Positive changes in the market – Better quick loans!

Those who spend time with the idea of ​​outgrowing the economy or indulging in something extra with a fast loan are increasingly encountering information that they should look for new fast loans. Whether we are talking about new fast loans in the sense that the offer comes from a new entrant in the industry or if it concerns an existing lender that has come up with new forms of offers, it is not often emphasized that these new loans are advantageous than already established loan options.

Whether statements like these are true is something that deserves some clarification. There is some truth in the argument that new fast loans are more advantageous, but it is not so simple that by definition it is. Consequently, one should not dismiss these claims, but one should also look a little closer at them.

New players – new offers


Anyone seeking to establish themselves in a market, whether it concerns the loan market or any other industry, is of course well aware that the companies that have been active for a while have an advantage both organizationally and financially. Consequently, those who want to enter the market must make themselves visible in the eyes of potential borrowers and preferably also remain visible, that is, retain their customers and get more.

The ever-increasing amount of lenders and, for that matter, the increasing amount of borrowers (more and more are discovering the benefits of fast loans) has made it more difficult and difficult to see, especially if you are new. This has led to more and more generous offers appearing on the market. It is not really any more remarkable than, for example, that a newly opened shop has extra generous offers and here as an attentive borrower you can get great benefits.

Increasingly advantageous offers


Those who have been with since fast and sms loans became known terms and sometimes even use as metaphors can note a lot of changes regarding the offers currently offered to the borrower. This is partly because, as previously mentioned, new entrants in the market need to come up with offers that, just a few years ago, had appeared unlikely to be generous, just to be seen. An example is the size of the loan amounts.

Initially, the fast loans were, even after the measure of the time, rather small sums, not infrequently about just a few hundred dollars that could be quickly spent by the customer and almost as quickly demanded again by the lender. Today, the first loan can be about tens of thousands of kronor and not only that, the interest rates for new fast loans can today be very low, sometimes even non-existent. In line with the industry’s growth and the increasing knowledge of the borrowers, the offers are becoming increasingly generous and advantageous for the customer.

To watch out for


Anyone who takes out a new fast loan and also does not have to pay interest, of course makes a very good deal. However, one must remember that one must be cautious even if one manages to repay the loan and, in particular, if this has been managed without difficulty.

It’s easy to think that if the first loan went well then maybe it won’t matter much if you take a new one and this time with slightly less generous interest rates. Loans and offers must necessarily be made in the light of their own ability to pay, if you understand and act on this, there are many opportunities to do good business in the loan market.

New company offer!

The new UltraMoney offer is here! UltraMone is a guarantee of quick injection of cash with the possibility of spreading repayment into convenient installments, but not only. What surprise did UltraMoney prepare for us? Let’s see!

New UltraMoney offer!

New UltraMoney offer!

UltraMoney radically changes its existing offer. He gives up a long loan period and high amounts for a lower installment loan. Now we can apply for up to $ 3,000! It may seem that this is a typical amount for payday loans, but the lender provides us with the possibility of repayment in installments. The payback period is from 6 to 12 months. The APRC for a loan on standard terms is 57.8%. It’s not everything! The lender has prepared a real surprise for its clients!

Free loan at UltraMoney!

Free loan at UltraMoney!

UltraMoney gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the free loan promotion. Regardless of the amount of the commitment, we have a chance to take advantage of the APRC offer 0%! All you have to do is return the loaned amount within 30 days of signing the contract. If we decide to incur $ 2,000 for 6 months, but return the borrowed amount within a month, then we give back exactly as much as we got. In the event of a decision to pay the loan not to a bank account, but by a Giro check, then the borrower will be required to cover the cost of this service in the amount of $ 14. Nothing more, nothing less! What does the lender say about this?

The lender is UltraMoney  with headquarters in Warsaw. The actual annual interest rate (APRC) is 0%. The promotion applies to new customers who have submitted an installment loan application via the website at UltraMoney or by phone, and who previously had no loan relationship with UltraMoney the borrower returns only the total loan amount. If the loan is not repaid in accordance with the terms of the promotion, the borrower is obliged to bear the cost of the loan in accordance with the terms of the installment loan agreement.

UltraMoney opinions

UltraMoney opinions

At UltraMoney, getting the cash you need is very easy. The first step will be to use the sliders to specify the amount of interest and the loan period from 6 to 12 months. Then click “Take a loan” and go to the form. At the beginning we have to set up a customer account. You will need an email address and an invented password. Then, in the form, we fill in the sections regarding our basic data (name, surname, PESEL, ID card series and number, country of birth and telephone number), address details and life situation. In the last case, we will be asked to provide marital status, number of dependents, professional status and net income.

Identity Verification

Identity Verification

After accepting the necessary consents, we proceed to confirmation via SMS, and then we need to verify our identity. We can choose the Account X system, i.e. logging into your bank account via a secure website, where the system collects basic personal data needed to verify your identity. Everything is properly secured thanks to SSL encryption. It is worth using this option, because it is the fastest way to verify, so that we receive the decision to grant the loan almost immediately.

The second option when paying with a GIRO check is to show your ID card at the post office when collecting cash. In addition, we will receive an SMS with a code, which will be an additional confirmation that everything is correct. After verification, the lender checks our application and creditworthiness. If he makes a positive decision, then all we have to do is wait for the money requested.

UltraMoney is a simple application, quick verification and instant payment!

New UltraMoney offer – working hours

New UltraMoney offer - working hours

If you have any doubts, you can contact the Customer Service Office active on business days from 8.00 to 20.00 and on Saturdays from 9:00 to 17:00. Earlier, however, it is worth reviewing the “Questions and Answers” section, where the most common customer questions are found. A great convenience is also the possibility of applying for a loan over the phone. Check it out!

Why the new UltraMoney offer?

Why the new UltraMoney offer?

UltraMoney is a company that primarily cares about the good of the customer. Each borrower receives a security guarantee. We don’t have to worry about the data we provide, because the lender has taken care of properly encrypted pages and protection against unwanted situations. In addition, the company focuses on responsible lending and good practices.

Thanks to the desire to eliminate the fear of unethical behavior, he provides all necessary information on costs and other terms of the contract on his website. We will find them on the website in the “Documents” tab, and after submitting and accepting the application will be placed in the customer panel.

Online payday loans – what makes them different?

Unexpected expenses, random situation or an interesting holiday offer … If your account has run out of money to pay for your current needs and you need extra money for now, you should be interested in loans without leaving your home. Online payday loans have become more popular than traditional forms of financial support. Check which loans are worth considering without leaving your home.


Online payday loans for free

Online payday loans for free

If you need to borrow an amount of up to several or even several thousand zlotys, then on the Internet you will be able to find offers of loan companies that will provide you with payday loans, and the money will be transferred to your account within a few minutes, without checking your income or credit history. What’s more, promotional and preferential conditions are often offered, especially for new customers.

Due to the high competition on the loan market, companies take care of their customers by offering them an interest rate of 0% , so you give back as much as you borrowed! We can often find other promotions and bonuses. To choose the best offer for you, simply complete the online application. It will take a few minutes and you will receive an online payday loan today.


Instant payouts – advantages

Instant payouts - advantages

We have collected features of online loans for you. It is worth checking whether the lender will provide you with such conditions:

  •      The possibility of obtaining money in several minutes,
  • 0% installments for new customers,
  • No need to provide income information,
  • No credit history verification,
  • The ability to choose from the offers of many loan companies,
  • Instant delivery without leaving home .


However, you must remember to always read the contracts and check the terms and conditions. Only then will you be sure that you have made the right decision and the payday loan will be of help and you will pay it back without any problems within the set time.  

The procedure for getting payday loans online is usually very simple. Just fill out the form on the website. Remember to mark the correct loan amount. Your data will allow the lender to quickly verify the application, and thus you can have money on your account on the same business day. It’s really easy, but remember to make wise decisions.

If you are looking for an online loan in 10 minutes or other financial support and want to find out what to look for when choosing an offer, we invite you to read our other articles on the blog.

No surprises with the prepaid MasterCard

Just about everyone knows the benefits of a credit card. Handy on vacation and in the store. And also online. Although there are different types of credit cards, the majority of the population appears to use a credit card primarily as a payment card. And although there are many credit card providers, an application is usually accompanied by proof of income and a credit check. Not so with a prepaid payment card.

The prepaid credit card gives you the same ease of payment as a traditional credit card, only you have more control over your spending. And that can be useful in many cases. You know exactly how much you can spend and you will take that amount into account. You know the maximum spending limit, so you know exactly where the limits are. You cannot spend money that you do not have.



Almost all banks and other financial service providers offer a prepaid credit card. So why not contact a few banks to hear their offer. You can often find initial information via the internet and possibly even request a prepaid credit card. Look carefully at the costs that the bank will charge, you can notice quite a difference on this, so it can be interesting to choose the prepaid credit card with the lowest costs.



A credit card therefore offers advantages, but it can also happen that money is suddenly debited from your credit card without your having been instructed to do so. Credit card fraud simply happens. That is of course annoying. It is therefore important to take a good look at your statements and to ensure that all amounts are correct. You do not want to have to pay a high bill at the end of the month, which is partly yours. Canceling a payment is now very easy. So if you notice that something has been wrongly deducted from your credit card, you can simply reclaim the amount.

Sometimes you want to cancel a payment with your payment card. For example, because a company has withdrawn money from your account for a purchase that you have not made or because a company has not delivered the goods or services that you have ordered. You can first try to arrange something with the selling party. In most cases, however, it is an automatic payment that was wrongly made, a mistake in the system. The amount will be refunded to your account within a few days.

Sometimes, however, it may happen that you cannot find a solution with the selling party. You can then call your own bank or financial service provider. You will be asked to fill in a form with your details. Your personal and credit card details are sufficient to send the form. If the bank finds that the amount has indeed been deducted from your account in error, you will simply get the amount debited back. So you don’t have to arrange much yourself.

Start your request for a payment card here!

5 tips to compare loans in the quickest and easiest way!

If you buy something online then you look for the best deal. You do that by comparing the products and the prices. Every trader has his own rates and it’s up to you to compare the dealers and choose the best one that fits your budget. You should do the same if you take out a loan. Comparing loans is important because they are also products with different price tags.

Banks and other lenders offer all kinds of loans. 

5 tips to compare loans in the quickest and easiest way!

But what should you look out for in order to compare all those different providers as quickly and easily as possible? The tips below are about loan amount, term, interest, loan costs and loan comparison. You compare with the loan simulator, which you can use for free on the websites of the providers. You enter a few details and then you know within a short time who can offer you the best loan. First choose the type of loan; there is quite a difference between a personal loan for a new driver or a mortgage for a house.

This is the perfect time to borrow, because the interest is historically low. Determine what your maximum loan amount is and don’t borrow too much. So first make an overview of your income and expenses to calculate the monthly installment amount. You then determine the term of the loan; that is the period for which you pay off the loan. For a small loan you usually need a short term, but larger loans usually have longer terms. That is better because life goes on as usual. You pay a little more at the end than with a shorter duration, but you can continue to live normally.

Compare loans

Compare loans

Now you can compare the loans – we have already listed a number of providers for you. See what the interest and cost percentage (APR) is that a provider charges you. You can see that at a glance by looking at the APR column. The lowest APR is the lowest interest and cost percentage that you will pay per year for your loan. The Belgian government requires that financial providers must clearly show the total percentage of costs on their website. That way you will not get sand in your eyes. Also check the conditions and see if the percentage stays that way or if it is an entry campaign.

You see, it couldn’t be easier. You may also want to seek advice on a loan from a bank (multiple banks is even better), but then you already have a good idea of ​​the cheapest options. Free quotes are offered in the overview and you can simply click through to the providers’ sites and use their simulators. Enter some information and you will see very quickly what your monthly payment will be. Now is the best time to borrow so what are you waiting for?

Save money on housing or cottage? – Loans

Save money on housing or cottage? There are many who wonder. This is my retirement, you’ve probably heard middle-aged people say when they have mentioned a property they have. It can be a home, a cottage, a small farm. And no investment has yielded as much return as real estate in the post-war period.

Housing not only gives us a head start

money cash

They have also become the savings boss. If you have a million in the bank, you get both wealth tax and income tax on interest rates. If you put a million kroner in a home, the tax value is the basis for the wealth tax, and it is so low that you may not receive wealth tax at all. This way, wealth and tax shrink when you put it into real estate.

If you sell shares or mutual funds with a profit

You must pay 28 percent tax on the gain. If you sell a property with a profit, you will in most cases avoid tax (see the housing chapter). For example, if you own a cottage, you can sell it tax-free after owning it for five years. You can use the winnings for anything. If you have debts in several places, it is a good idea to get the most expensive debt paid off first. How can we decide which debt is the most expensive? Determine what you pay in interest on different loans – loans with the highest interest rate are the most expensive loans regardless of the size of the loan.

With these tax rules as the backdrop, and with property prices steadily rising, it is therefore no wonder that Norwegians have regarded housing and leisure homes as a savings box, an investment that will provide security for the future.

A girlfriend had always dreamed of a cabin in the mountains. She began to go on impressions, placing a low bid on a simple log cabin in a nice location, but where the plot itself was overgrown. She got the cabin for a reasonable price.

How to manage finances as a couple?

Money management in a relationship can be an awkward issue if you are not prepared to face it. There are several stages in the couple, each moment has its challenges that must be faced in order to succeed.


When they are boyfriends

When they are boyfriends

The couple downplays the duties and obligations they will have in mind in the future, the issue of money goes to the background. It is more important to have a good time on weekends, the gentleman tries to be as courteous as possible and she can be demanding in the gifts or places they frequent. At this stage, some value the growth potential of their partner, this may be associated with their work center, experience in the field, personal assets or their entrepreneurship. Others, however, hope to spend the moment in the best way.

At this stage the couple should have the least amount of debts, save as much money as possible for the marriage process, the rent of an apartment and the furnishing of the same. The austerity should be the key element so that the date of the marriage is not delayed much, nor arrives with high debts to the altar. It is essential to start the budget of income and expenses of the future family, what each can contribute, not only in income, but in the tasks for the maintenance of the home.


When they are newlyweds

When they are newlyweds

The couple has to assume a series of obligations, which in most cases was not accustomed. From organizing the rent or mortgage payments, basic services, food, clothing, mobility among others.

For this purpose, you must structure a budget according to the marital income, the indicated expenses will be defined.

Be it the man or the woman who contributes to the family economy, it will be important that the financial decisions must be taken as a couple, where personal interests will have to be set aside, since the total household expenditure is present and forgotten in many moments the preferences of the family.

Some couples live dependent on the social circle where the family develops, their mentality becomes full of anxiety to survive, feed, dress, wear, rent, the car away from their economic possibilities, these worries lead to derail the harmony of the couple . More important than looking, is to adapt our needs to the income that the couple has. Rather we should look for other sources of income.


When the couple has children

When the couple has children

When the children arrive, expenses arise that must be met, the new family member demands housing, food, clothing, medical care, among others.
The couple must strengthen the union and for this they do not require high budgets, everything can start from leaving a weekend, appreciating the beauty of a park, attending an art exhibition or participating in family games. The education of the child is a very important issue, the couple should check if their budget is appropriate to the expenses of a certain school.
The concern should not go to attend the most expensive school, but that the curricular objectives are achieved, since the child’s training does not depend exclusively on the teacher, but on the work carried out by the parents.

It is of the utmost importance the constant communication as a couple, that will depend on the fact that between the two they set short, medium and long term goals. In other words, you should learn to generate a good income and expense planning, in this way, even if the resources contributed to the household are of the sum of income of both members (and it could be that one member earns more than another) if talk, if communicated, confusion will be avoided, both will be valued and so they can establish a list of priorities in family spending.
Frequently one of them usually arrives on the fortnight with something he acquired because he simply filled his eyes and thought it would be necessary to have at home; This usually results in an attitude of disapproval of the other member, and if it generated an expression that it would be better to have bought something more useful for the quality of life they have thought of having.


When they are retired


The couple arrives at the stage in which they stop working in a public or private institution, it could also be that they supervise the management of their company, the hours of work decrease, the beauty is not the same as in previous stages and the feeling prevails more pure between them.

Both must manage their expenses and income, not just a retirement that in many cases is not enough to cover basic needs. If in times of higher income they have been able to invest in a department that generates income, a small business from which to obtain profits, interest on time deposits or earnings on investments in the Stock Exchange, the future will be more comfortable.

In many homes, grandparents who already have a retirement have a very important support job, which allows many couples to generate more income, but do not abuse this help, remember that the child’s parents are responsible for their training. Grandparents have already worked hard and support can be for emergencies.

The couple at this stage of their life, should enjoy short trips, contact nature, appreciate each other’s hobbies, all this does not require a significant expense. Although banks are already offering loans to retirees, they must also exercise their expenses according to their income.

At this stage of life there must be mutual support, ailments and diseases will not only require money to solve operations or medications, but the company of knowing that your partner is at your side as if it were the first day of in love Money should not be an obsession, but a means to acquire goods and services necessary for the couple to be happy.

The purchase of credit at General Society: Compact and Universal.


The authenticity and professionalism of General Society are no longer to be presented. This French bank, which has existed since 1864, is one of the pioneers on the financial market in the same way as LCL and BNP. This heavyweight of the banking industry of France is a specialist in banking details, but also in insurance, savings and financing solution. This bank, whose signature is “developing together team spirit” has oriented its activity towards the restructuring of credits. Let’s make a point on the subject.

Grouping its loans with General Society

Grouping its loans with General Society

To subscribe credits makes it possible to finance its projects. Unfortunately, an overabundance can be harmful leading to cash flow problems. Life can also be responsible for indebtedness. For example, when a couple divorces, there is a direct impact on the living conditions as well as when a person is fired. In these cases, we must rethink its budget and way of life. Consolidation of credits can be a credible solution for optimizing budgets.

Attention, however, the purchase of credits remains a loan. In fact, the amount of money that is made available to you is subject to an interest rate that increases the total cost of credit. We must therefore question its ability to repay before contracting a purchase of credits. Since 2010, the mention “A credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment abilities before you commit. ” Accompanies ads that concern credits. This slogan aims to make consumers aware that taking out a loan is not a game.

How to know if the redemption of credits is a financial operation adapted to its situation? There are no rules in this area, anyone feeling squeezed (financially speaking) can request a redemption of credits. It’s a responsible approach. The debt ratio is the best indicator. This is the ratio of resources to monthly expenses. If the rate is less than 33%, the financial situation is correct. Beyond, it is difficult to cope with the unexpected or pay some bills. The redemption of credits helps to reduce this debt ratio by reducing the monthly repayments of credits in progress.

You should know that General Society offers two products:

  • The Compact product: it is the grouping of consumer credits. Amount: between 200 and 75 000 $.
  • The Universo product is the combination of consumer loans with real estate loans (or mortgage loans).

General Society warns you. The Cogilaw Company authorizes credit institutions to charge fees for early repayment. These fees are calculated from the prepaid amount. Three scenarios are possible:

  • The remaining term of the credit to be repaid is greater than or equal to 12 months: the fees are capped at 1%.
  • The remaining term of the credit to be repaid is less than 12 months: the fees are capped at 0.5%.
  • Early repayment is for a revolving credit: there are no penalties.

Make a study of credit redemption

Make a study of <a href=credit redemption” width=”660″ height=”446″ />

Do you have budgetary problems? You want information on the purchase of credits? You can get closer to an agency of General Society by making an appointment with a financial advisor. You can also inquire by calling 3955 on weekdays from 8h to 22h and Saturday from 8h to 20h (code name: Informations) and / or by consulting the online portal of General Society.


Visa Credit Card to Pay in Bitcoin

Coinbase , one of the most widely used cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has launched a Visa card in the UK that allows its Bitcoins (BTC) to be used in everyday purchases. This news, in addition to the pleasure of the writer to feel Great Britain again as an actress, protagonist of news concerning the world economic / financial world that are not related to Brexit, is of strategic importance for Bitcoin (BTC). In fact, one of the main criticisms that is still being made today by the Bitcoins (BTC) and the univero of cryptocurrencies in general, is the poor circulation in the universe of real payments. Payments for the purchase of goods and services both online and offline (in classic stores) have never seen a strong adoption of Bitcoin (BTC).

Coinbase , a leading brand in terms of cryptocurrency exchanges in general and Bitcoin (BTC) in particular, has chosen as the partner of this new adventure the world leader in credit cards: Visa. To understand the commercial power of Visa, just look at some figures: in 2011 Visa is the world leader in the credit card market thanks to 50.1% of the total transaction value, ahead of Mastercard with 33.5%. In debit cards, the percentages are even more in favor with 76.9% of the market, ahead of Mastercard with 18.9%. Two giants of their respective sectors who join forces to push the use of Bitcoins (BTC)!


A winning alchemy for Bitcoin (BTC)


The Coinbase Card , which for now only works in the United Kingdom but will land across Europe before the end of 2019, relies on the portfolios of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC) and ZCash (ZEC) kept by the exchange. At the time of the transaction, the necessary amount of cryptocurrency is converted into euros, dollars or pounds at the current exchange rate. The card is also contactless, has a chip and a pin and can be used to withdraw cash from the usual ATM machines. Every payment will be made through two passes and the card can be immediately blocked and replaced if it is lost or stolen.

This time the alchemy can be of the explosive ones because they will join the main cryptocurrency wallet basin (Coinbase) with the vast universe of users and dealers of Visa, the most accepted credit card circuit in the world. In this marriage the Bitcoins (BTC) will inherit from Visa all the know-how accumulated over the years as regards the verification of fraud and the guarantee of security for users and from Coinbase the whole digital experience starting from a simple, easy and quick to use for the complete mobile management of your cryptocurrency portfolio.


Bitcoin card costs (BTC)

Bitcoin card costs (BTC)

If it is true that the diffusion, security and ease of use will not be a problem then the node for the diffusion of this Bitcoin card (BTC) could be represented by the commissions. Recall that the blockchain technology, the electronic register on which the existence of Bitcoins (BTC) and of all cryptocurrencies is based, works on the assumption that every movement passes through the validation of miners, or miners, who for this receive a reward. This reward is paid based on the “weight”, that is, the kilo bytes required for the transaction. Since the validation times may not be immediate, and last from a few minutes to a few hours, it is very likely that Visa will still provide immediate approval, artificially speeding up the transaction and taking responsibility if something goes wrong.

Are we really facing the step that will allow Bitcoin (BTC) to become a widespread means of payment? Imagine the potential of this currency in countries where the local currency is not stable or where people do not necessarily have a current account. Will the “good” salons of the financial and economic world allow an easy life for Bitcoin (BTC)?


And now Bitcoin (BTC)?

And now Bitcoin (BTC)?

We are experiencing a golden period of Bitcoin (BTC) that continues for weeks to go back up to $ 10,000 worth of values. At the time of writing the Bitcoin (BTC) is worth 6,798 dollars with a total capitalization of 120 billion dollars. The 7-day percentage change continues for weeks to be in double digits and is currently worth 17.86%. Bitcoin (BTC) is increasingly a great investment opportunity, choose your right partners to invest in cryptocurrencies like Markets , one of the best brokers in the world and also recommended by us at Mr B.


Investing in Bitcoin (BTC) on Markets

Investing in Bitcoin (BTC) on Markets

Find out how simple, fast and safe investing in Bitcoin (BTC) on Markets , the broker recommended by Mr B.

  • Simple as you will be able to operate with an incredible user experience platform that is suitable for all online investor profiles regardless of online trading experience;
  • Fast because a few clicks will be enough to open your account with Markets and be ready for your investments;
  • Sure because Markets is a broker that follows the Sysprus CySec regulation (Sysprus Securities and Exchange Commission) and is licensed by the FSB (Financial Service Board).

Markets stands out for:

  • Zero Trading Commissions and no monthly fees;
  • Trading also open on Saturdays and Sundays (in part);
  • two thousand tradable assets including the main cryptocurrencies;
  • Free demo account of 10 thousand euros (or dollars);
  • Customer support within the platform (livechat);
  • Customizable platform according to your trading needs;
  • App for investing also in mobility on smartphones;
  • Reduced spreads and trading with customizable leverage;
  • Advanced trading tools;
  • Financial leverage available up to 300: 1.

As usual, we at Mr B would like to remind our readers that financial leverage is a double-edged sword: if you decide to invest in Bitcoin (BTC) , it will allow you to increase your earnings but, in parallel, you will risk losing the invested capital. Invest with the utmost care!